top 10 android smartphone collection in 2019

nowadays smartphone is being a part of human life for the use of daily lifecycle with their circumstance. at the present time, people are highly experienced with different advanced technology which possibly makes people works faster and easier. that’s why people are truly interested in different advanced technologies with a cell phone, computers, and wire or wireless media.

with comparing other, the android phone is able to reach the heart of the people by being the coolest and smartest advanced technology for the human purpose that’s why the android phone is known as the most common useful device to the human life.

there is a massive amount of cellphone collection in this world, with different advanced technology, so you can find a lot of smartphones with a different brand at a different price. it only depends on you, how much money you can afford. there are lots of choices when it comes to android phone, it doesn’t matter which brand you pick up with a different price. the only matter is which phone you select that must be a suitable price with the comparison to your phone.

here we present some (top lists of Android smartphone collection in 2019)

    1. Google pixel 3

    2. Samsung galaxy s10 plus

    3. Huawei mate 20 pro

    4.Honor view 20

    5. LG V40 Thinq

    6. One plus 7 pro

    7. Xiaomi mi9

    8. Samsung galaxy note 9

    9. Huawei p30 pro

    10. One plus 6T

here I present you’ the top 10 collections of android phone. just wait for a while and be sure. if you are really interested to purchase your favorite phone, then please patience once and choose your favorite phone without bothering about anything, here you have enough time to make your decision. one thing you need to remember, there are also big choices on a competitive market of smartphones in this era, android phone and iPhone are discriminating each other by using different advanced technology and features but don’t go deep on that topic because in the case of technology and facilities provided by these company is totally different from each other. the comparison of apple and android phone are totally different from the given price of them too. to be honest, Apple iPhone might be popular but the Android operating system provides you the most wealth of choices on a market.

not every person can afford the price of an iPhone so probably the wealthy person can reach such a big amount phone like iPhone or maybe windows phone although apple phone is getting expensive nowadays. according to the present situation, not every person possibly can afford the price of an iPhone so probably the wealthy person can reach such a big amount of phone like iPhone or maybe windows phone although both apple and windows brands are getting expensive nowadays. so it will be more difficult to buy an iPhone for the middle-class people. so it will be hard to deal with iPhone for average people because in their life, they must do some struggle to get some costly phone or they may have to take some loans and unfortunately a risk also.

so don’t be worried, here I already present you the top 10 Android smartphone collection in 2019, now I am gonna describe all of them without any customization, just you have to check them all and read carefully. I wish you can make a great choice.

let’s start with


Google pixel 3

Google pixel 3 is the best camera phone Released in 2018, November. you can have free unlimited clouds storage so that your phone never runs out of memory. Fast battery charging 18W



phone specification:

launch: 2018, October



storage: 64/128GB storage, no card slot

Main camera:

Selfie camera:













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