phishing with there preventing measure

 A short discussion about phishing  

phishing is an internet deception scam which attempts to obtain sensitive information.  where the scammer sends malicious email and messages that appear to be from financial institutions or other credit card companies. which is extremely dangerous for unknown internet users. but no need to worry about these illegal activities.

initially, here we talk about the harmful things happening in our daily online sectors by phishing. here we also discuss the measure way to be secure from the harmful activities caused by the phisher. in other hands, phishing is also known by the criminal activities from where people are actually facing disparate troubles in their projects or in a documentary on different online sectors…it is a kind of social engineering attack, which usually opens the door  for the phishers, which is developed to steal user name, passwords and account numbers, etc as well as personal user data including login credentials information. if phishers are able to obtain your information by applying such an illegal method then the phisher immediately sells or send to those spoil people who worse misuse them. but sometimes, phishing is not only the reason, to lose our personal data or information. because the user has to face many different obstacles to staying in an online field. there are many other harmful sources develop by the hacker or a private company, like different kind of viruses and malicious software, etc. so be sure once’ and take your action on them in your own way.

Phishing is one of the fastest evolution in hacking history. there are many Different types of phishing attacks spread over the internet in the worldwide section. let’s find out when it evolved as well as its classification with different categories.

  Evolution of phishing 

: Evolution of phishing 1990

: Algorithm-Based Phishing 2000

: Email Phishing 2003

: Domain Spoofing 2018

: Phishing via HTTPS

 phishing is classified into different Categories

: Whaling

: Search Engine phishing

: Spear Phishing

: SMiShing

: Vishing

Preventive Measures and way to Avoid Phishing Scams.

1. be sensible when it comes to phishing attacks, stay aware and be smart before you face any obstacles, while you browsing online and checking your email.

2. Think Before You Click! because phishers are always ready for there action. if you just click on the wrong page or sides which given by the phisher on your device screen.

3. there will be mistaken by yours because if they can enter on your personal data information which you never want you to know others.

4. Keep all systems current with the latest security patches and updates. it can be more secure than before and less possibility to lose your personal data or information.

5. introduce a SPAM filter, that will detect viruses on your device system, blank 9+senders, etc. then you can find the issue of your device’s system in an effortless way.

6. need to Check Your Online Accounts Regularly. if you were able to maintain your time to check your account and data continuously then this will be much better for your security.

7. you have to use antivirus software, it always helps to prevent damage to your system. antivirus scans every file and folders which comes through the Internet to your computer in a different way.

There are thousands or billions of malicious spam emails which are sent to internet users every day. unfortunately, some of these messages are successfully entered in users data or their personal information store. so we need to know about phishing characteristics with its classification. to have some additional preventive measure of malicious email.

classification of phishing  websites



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